This blog is my space to post about neat things I find on the web, art, writing, tinkering, gardening, and game development. Let’s talk about game development first.

In the pre-history of the Internet I developed a game using some game-making software called “DCGames”. The game was a fantasy cRPG (computer RPG) called DBQuest.

DBQuest was closest in look and design to the Ultima series of games – around the era of Ultima 5 or so. It featured a multi-party group, spells, a boss, dungeons, mysteries, and more. I was around 19 or so at the time, so it also featured my very early attempts at story-telling.

Names like Fallenstar are entirely realistic and absolutely medieval.

I’ll give myself a passing grade, though.  DBQuest was my first self-made, large-scale, completed game project, and it’ll always have a special place in the pitch black center of what probably ought to be my heart.

If you want to play now, use the “download” menu option above to get the game, and then do a separate download of the DOSBox emulator.  Once that’s done, you’ll need to run DOSBox and then point it at the “dbquest.bat” file to get it going.  The game is so old that Windows just can’t run it on its own.  If you find DOSBox confusing, there are many DOSBox GUI front ends that you can try.  I personally like D-Fend Reloaded.

My biggest problem in developing the game was that I couldn’t understand the built-in scripting language at the time – so my ability to tweak the game engine itself was limited. This lead to some very over-powered spells being given away very early in the game, among many other glitches.

Did I really want Sabrina to come with a spell that could one-shot anything?  Well, no – but I couldn’t understand how to edit the scripting language, so I was sort of stuck with it.

Now, in 2017, some 20+ years later I’ve decided to try my hand at game development once more by making a spiritual sequel to DBQuest all these years later. To help this along, I’m going to use Unity, Playmaker, and a couple of Unity plugins that handle 2D tile grids.  I’ll talk about all of them in depth on later blog posts.  These days I understand enough program logic to do pretty much what I want to do.  The days of the level 1 “kill everything” spell are gone.

It’s been a while, but I finally have enough quiet space in my life to see a tile based retro cRPG project finished once more – provided I don’t run out of food.

Follow the category “DBQuest II” for more on my cRPG developing adventures. I’ll be updating it once a week or so.

DBQuest II