There are two addons that will make your life a little better when you go to surf the internet.

The “Shut Up” addon for Chrome (and other browsers) nullifies the comments section of many popular news sites as well as Youtube. If you’ve had enough of internet commentary, this is the addon for you.


The few sites “Shut Up” doesn’t handle can easily be cleaned up using the “element picker” function of the addon Ublock Origin. Ublock Origin also has the ability to block known malware domains (check the options to turn the filter list on) as well as advertisements.

I said there were two addons, but there is a third piece of software gadgetry I want to present.  It’s the MVPS Hosts file.  The host file redirects known advertisement domains to “nowhere” (or close enough – at least as far as I’m willing to explain here).  The upside is that ads are never shown and you never have to see them.  The downside to using a hosts file (over something like UBlock) is one of convenience.  Installation may be off-putting for some, others won’t want to have to keep it updated manually. and still others may find that it occasionally makes a site look odd.  The best use case for the hosts file is probably large public-use computer installations – like libraries or school computer labs.  I’ve put it here for the sake of completeness.


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