Most of the titles on the blog will never make sense.  I’ll just warn you ahead of time.

In my spare time I use Unity to create an “old school” tile RPG sequel to “DBQuest” – a game I originally made 25 years ago. I have worked on the sequel on and off for decades.  I programmed my own engine, scrapped it, programmed it again, scrapped it, decided to go with Unity, scrapped it, came back to Unity, and now I’ve gotten as far as I ever have.

Last night I started using a Unity addon called Super Tilemap Editor in earnest.  I got all my tile sheets in and created a ton of anim brushes.  If you have used Unity’s new tilemap editing tools, Super Tilemap Editor is similar, but more advanced.  It also has Playmaker extensions, which are handy.  I decided to use Playmaker to speed development.

You can find Super Tilemap Editor at the asset store.

You can also find Playmaker at the asset store.

You should also check out this butterscotch recipe.  That’s extra.  I just like to post recipes.

Despite developing a computer RPG, I don’t actually play as many PC games as  I used to. In the face of loot boxes, horrible online behavior, and unending DLC, my interest in PC gaming waned and I went back to board games.  My interest in board games almost immediately got me into painting miniatures, which lead to interests in mold making, resins, and more.  Talk about giving a mouse a cookie!


RPGs and Butterscotch