I don’t participate in social media anymore. It’s not a positive space.  I enjoyed my time with friends, but I like a quiet venue where people talk to each other, not at each other. I’ll branch out into dedicated topic sites (art, game dev., etc.) and reconnect with old friends in a while.

After creating a lot of anim brushes I noticed that some of my sprites needed a little help. Animation isn’t my forte and I’m only doing four frames per monster. Four frames gets the idea of movement across and helps to maintain the naive “retro” feel of the work. Four frames also helps me finish the game – because I have a lot of monsters and it takes time to animate. What I’m not going for is the “glitch” look, so I did at least go through all the anim brushes and fix the most apparent errors.

My inspirations for this project include Ultima, Pools of Darkness, Might & Magic, Rogue, Planet’s Edge, and The Magic Candle. I like the “simulation” aspect of Ultima, the “crunchy” combat of Pools of Darkness, the goofy monsters of Might and Magic, the survival / procedural aspect of Rogue, the multiple worlds of Planet’s Edge, and the idea of party members having “jobs” from The Magic Candle. You can find links to a lot of those games on my links page.

Combining all of those games into one is a tall order, so I’m trying to keep the features list trimmed into something manageable. I do have other hobbies after all. Mostly I just want to make a game that reminds me of what I used to play 20+ years ago. My goal is to have a nostalgic feeling while keeping some of the modern niceties like mouse support.

By the way, this chili recipe is great.

Chili and RPGs