I finished up tweaking the anim brushes. I’ll probably say that again later. I love tweaking. I need to move on though. When I scan through all the animated brushes now I don’t see any glaring problems so it’s time.

Today I will plan and start to create a bunch of prefabs. In Unity if you create and manage a lot of prefabs at once I’ve read that there could be performance issues. In practice I haven’t seen any issues, but it’s also possible that I just haven’t tried to manage enough prefabs yet. If I make world objects (eg: a clock, a sword), and NPCs prefabs, everything else can be a tile. Maybe that will work out. I’ll create some test maps to see how things are going to go before committing to a design.

Speaking of maps, I’ve got a couple projects to do this weekend. I’m either going to work on a custom dice tower or a pen and ink world map (or both). I have some hand-made paper to scrawl the map on that¬† I got on Etsy from Kelsey Pike.¬† For the dice tower, I am planning on using Apoxie. Apoxie is a resin that cures without an oven, and once cured it can be sanded, painted, or carved. I’ve made a few small things with it and I like it so far.

Here’s a recipe for salmon cakes. They’re the best I’ve ever eaten anywhere. Instead of fresh salmon we use frozen since it’s easier to acquire and manage.

Salmons and Prefabs