I spent the weekend trying to figure out fringe brushes (or “auto-tile” brushes as they are also called). Fringe brushes are brushes that automatically draw the correct tile as you move the mouse. An example of use would be coastline. Fringe brushes are quick to use, but require some setup. They also create a modern tile-game look, but I’m not entirely sure that is what I want.

I’m currently debating as to whether I want a “blocky” look or a “smooth” look for the tile game.  The further I get from the old tile look, the less nostalgic I feel about the game, which is probably telling me what I need to know right there.

I have not yet started my Apoxie Sculpt dice tower. My recent attempt at creating a wax seal stamp was somewhat of a disaster, so I paused to clean that up. As it turns out, hot wax sticks to Apoxie and does not release.  Ooops.

Many things may have gone wrong in my attempt to make a wax seal out of resin.  Perhaps I need to make the seal out of a material like silicone. Perhaps I was too slow to move the seal away from the blob of wax when I tried to stamp. I’ll investigate it more later – using a new sculpt to test with.

If you’re interested in learning how to mold things and use resins, I recommend watching the Smooth-On channel on Youtube.  I’ll try to work on the dice tower (or something like it) this weekend.

We ate some pizza over the weekend using a new (to us) type of flour that is actually ancient.  It’s called Einkorn.  Einkorn was grown and harvested for ages in ancient times, but modern wheat (a mutation) is easier to machine harvest, so the use of Einkorn fell away.  Some people find Einkorn easier to digest than modern wheat. Einkorn makes a great no-knead bread, and an excellent pizza dough.  You should be able to find it in most health food stores and food coops.

Brushes and pizza dough