I spent an evening and figured out how to use the terrain brushes in Tiled.

I’m currently using Tiled to create maps.  Tiled is a map editing software that’s been around a long time and any noteworthy game engine should support it.  I use Tiled so that I have a standard file format to deal with in case the engine I’m using unexpectedly ends development (this happens more than you’d think).  Proprietary map editing software with proprietary file formats can leave you high and dry in that case, so I’m sticking with Tiled.

To learn how to used Tiled’s terrain brushes, I recommend this Youtube video.  It explains step by step how to get brushes working in a concise manner.  Using the tutorial, I was able to make terrain brushes and draw my own coastline tiles very quickly with a good amount of variation.

Terrain brushes have been a time saver. If I had used the manual method of tile placement, I’d still be making coastline right now. Using terrain brushes, I finished that job in ten minutes. It was definitely worth the effort of learning.

If you’ve never eaten carnitas, head to a good Mexican food truck and dig in – then check out this recipe.  I haven’t tried it yet but it looks promising.


Terrain Brushes and Carnitas