I generally only post an update here when I actually have some progress to report (like today for instance).  I only have a map showing right now, so game-play still needs a lot of work, but for what I’ve got I thought it looked in keeping with the “retro home-brewed” feel I’m going for.

The mainland
a tile map

You can get free tiles over here so please don’t take mine.

Anyway, I’ve mapped a large section of the game world. Creating terrain brushes allowed me to speed through the process of making a landmass and getting mountains set in. Now I’m able to “decorate” terrain with vegetation and other details. I made a bunch of variant grass tiles to keep the world from feeling quite so repetitive.

RPGs deal with a lot of data. They’re not exactly simulations, but they also kind of are. To deal with all the data I’ve purchased a data management asset that will allow me to pull numbers and text from a comma separated value sheet that I can create in Excel. I’ve already input a good deal of the necessary data, but I still have some items to go. It seems like most of game development is tedious setup followed by fast development, but maybe that’s just the way I ended up doing things.

I’ve coded up a “turn based” game loop that takes into account NPC “speed” values. Some monsters will be able to move more than one tile per turn, with one “turn” being taken after each player movement. I will also probably pass a turn automatically if the player hasn’t moved in a certain period of time. This will make “game time” pass whether the player moves or not, and allow me to fire events off at certain times of day (in game).

Here are some cool links I found, including a good looking recipe for corned beef in a crock pot (with a horseradish sauce).

This person is molding tiny bricks to construct a late medieval period palace. Click his links for pictures and explanations of his process.

This person read through the original source code of Rogue and added comments to each section that explain what’s going on.

There’s always time for corned beef.

Mapping and Corned Beef