The mainland map is essentially complete.  I finished up the northern area yesterday evening (all work on this project is done in the evening) and went on to tweak a few areas that needed tweaking.  While I had the editor going, I roughed in another map for the next large area I have to create. This new area will have a different sort of terrain and I hope to keep interest high by adding in several “focal” elements to explore. The difficulty in making maps is largely in making them interesting enough to explore.

Modern map design tends to crowd a lot of “stuff” together so that the player doesn’t have to wander too far to get to something interesting.  Old map design tended to keep things spread apart and allow random combat to fill in areas in-between towns. Both styles have some merit. What I’m going for is a “natural” design with areas dictated mostly by natural processes. I’m not coding those in, I’m just doing the equivalent generations myself – by hand. Hopefully it will yield a hand-made yet somewhat “natural” look.

This weekend I’ll probably stay away from the map editor and catch up on some manga, watch some movies, and work on a hands-on project.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to paint some miniatures or sculpt walls for a dice tower. Maybe I can work on both. If you like manga (or anime) I’m currently recommending “Girls Last Tour” which is kind of a buddy-movie travelogue through a wasteland. It’s sweet in a melancholy and vaguely depressing sort of way.  I tend to like that sort of show.

I’ve eaten vegan shepherd’s pie before and it’s actually pretty good.  This recipe calls for lentils and appears to be fairly similar to the one we use at home.


More Mapping and Vegan Shepherd’s Pie