Over the weekend I worked with some stiff board, glue, and scissors to create the skeleton form of a dice tower.  It has 3 interior “bumpers” and an exit.  It can currently accommodate up to a D100.  I never use my D100, but I thought I might if it didn’t roll all over the table.

After crafting the interior of the structure I decided two things.  One, I will never use that black card paper again because it got black *everywhere*.  Two, if I do this over I will use foam core.  Three, I decided the exterior was boring and could use some help – so I went to my friend Apoxie and started sculpting.

I slathered on a bunch of Apoxie to one wall and then went back to create bricks.  Square bricks felt a little too uniform so I rounded the corners a bit and tried to add some cracks.  I thought the effect was pretty good in the end, albeit time consuming to do.  You can see a picture below.  That is the “exit” wall and thus shorter than the others.  I still have 3 walls to go and then some edges to touch up.  In total the dice tower is about 20 centimeters tall.  I was going to say “8 inches” but I’m trying to switch over to metric in daily use.  Metric is much easier to use for crafting projects.


It's tiny wall maria
A texture brick wall made in Apoxie


I had Apoxie left over at the end (once you mix it you have to use it) so I made tiny dungeon props.  I made a unicorn horn, my own monster miniature, a leg bone, and various other decorations.  The monster miniature was fun to make and I’ll post pictures of that tomorrow.

Working with Apoxie is  relatively easy, though it is very sticky.  If you allow it to rest for a while after mixing, the stickiness begins to wear off and you can start to work it like a stiff clay.  Apoxie’s characteristics change as it cures so you have a few hours to play with it before you get to the point of having to use carving tools to alter it.  The stickiness is desirable in situations where you want to do something like I’m doing above – sticking it to a piece of board.  For creating miniatures from scratch I should probably be using something else.

This week I’ll work more on the tile maps and then next weekend I’ll try to finish up the dice tower.

Here’s a soothing smooth jazz channel I found.  It doesn’t always have to be  recipe does it?  It does?  Well, eat some real oatmeal.  The studies I’ve read say the real thing (AKA not instant) is quite good for you.  I’m not a doctor though, so read for yourself.


Walls and Oatmeal