Here are the little dungeon extras I sculpted with Apoxie. Once they’re painted up and on some flooring they should look pretty good. I didn’t win awards with my “I just got started” sculpting skill, but I did manage to use up the extra Apoxie I had on hand. Perhaps I’ll give myself an award.


Some sculpted creatures
That is a stalagmite, not a poo.


Yesterday I was able to finish up more world maps, a castle, and a couple of incidental areas.  Mapping will go quickly now and I actually hope to be done with it (at least as far as terrain and buildings go) by the end of the week.

My next task is to decide how to split apart “objects” from other items in the game.  Is an object simple an item that needs to exist “on top” of terrain and water layers, or should I categorize them so that an object is anything that can be used?  It makes a difference in how I structure the sprite sheet since I can only have one sheet per layer.  In thinking about it, I should probably have my criteria set by sorting layers, not interactivity. I guess I answered my own question.

While mapping, I made terrain and water separate layers.  This allowed me to use “river tiles” with a transparent center as a mask over the animated water layer, giving rivers some wave animation too. If I have time later, I will animate the “flow” or “current” of the water so that it acts more like you’d expect a river to act.  Currently all water animates in one direction only – like the Ultima games before Ultima 6. It still looks better than no animation at all.


Maps and Monsters