Interesting Links

I thought it’d be fun to have a “Links” page despite the availability of high quality search engines. I guess it’s part of my descent into anachronism – but that’s where dragons live.

Retro Computer RPGs


The Ultima Codex is a site dedicated to the Ultima series of games from Origin Systems (now defunct).  Ultima takes place in the world of “Britannia” (for the most part) and inspired many early cRPG designs.  It has a “top down” viewpoint. Ultima also has a long running fan club, UDIC.

Magic Candle

The Magic Candle was a top-down style cRPG series made by Mindcraft (now defunct).  This game innovated by including a way for your party members to take jobs in various towns to earn money.

Might and Magic

The Might and Magic series (not to be confused with the related “Heroes of Might and Magic” games) were created by New World Computing (now defunct).  They had a first-person 3D view and were known for their “wacky plot”, colorful monsters, numerous enemies, and plentiful treasure.


The Wizardry series was made by Sirtech (now defunct) had a first-person 3D view.  It was known for its plethora of class and race combinations, and was widely known by early computer RPG enthusiasts.

CRPG Addict

The CRPG Addict plays and reviews ancient computer RPGs so that you don’t have to.  Most players have become accustomed to mouse controls and not having to edit an autoexec.bat file just to get a game started, but the CRPG Addict powers through all the way to the end.

Free Computer RPGs

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is one of many “Rogue-like” games.  The genre was nascent for decades, but sprang to life after Minecraft became popular, spawning many, many “proceduraly generated” game clones.  Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is one of the more classic varieties that I enjoy for its abundant race and class choices.  I have never actually beaten it and I probably never will, but the struggle to go deeper goes ever on.

Many indie (and often free) retro-styled RPGs can be found on  Please show your appreciation to your favorite indie artists and developers (using money) when you can.

Miniatures, Crafting, and Supplies

Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures has been in the business of making D&D / Fantasy miniatures for decades.  Their “Bones” Kickstarters are a great way to get started in a miniature painting hobby, and a good way to fill out your need for a huge variety of minis at a low price.

Miniature Market

The Miniature Market is an online seller of paint, tools, supplies, props, board games, war games, and collectible miniatures at a solid price.

DM’s Craft

The DM’s Craft Youtube channel shows Dungeon Masters how to build terrain out of cheap cardboard and craft paints.  This allows for many interesting scenarios without having to invest a lot of time or money.  The author also has a Patreon.

Sorastro’s Painting Guides

Sorastro’s Zombie Painting Guide is a good tutorial series to help you get started in the hobby of painting miniatures.  Many beginners will be  able to follow his consistent, methodical approach.  Sorastro also has a Patreon.